Tax Planning

The arrangement and management of your assets in a manner that can be considered as tax efficient as possible will always be an integral part of our financial advice.

For example, the UK Government offers several tax advantaged savings and investment allowances such as contributions to ISAs, pension funding, Junior ISA allowances, “friendly society savings” and certain National Savings & Investment products to name but a few examples. In so far as we consider one, or perhaps several, of such tax advantaged vehicles as suitable for you we can arrange for investment, or perhaps re-investment, of your monies in the interest of promoting healthy tax planning during your lifetime.

In conjunction with our associates at Ryecroft Glenton, we can advise on the potential tax implications arising on the encashment of your existing investments. This can include capital gains tax (e.g. on surrender of a unit trust) and income tax (e.g. on surrender of an investment bond issued by a life office). Where appropriate we can also pay due regard to associated concerns such as the use of your annual capital gains allowance.

We are able to provide specialist guidance and advice on the area of Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning. This can include the identification and estimation of IHT liabilities which can, potentially, not only arise on your death but also, in certain scenarios, during your lifetime. From this point we can then advise on the ways of reducing or mitigating potential IHT liabilities, within the scope of acceptable planning in the eyes of HM Revenue & Customs.

Health Warnings:

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- Tax legislation and HM Revenue & Customs’ practice is always subject to change and review.
- Past investment performance is not an indication of future performance.

- The Financial Conduct Authority may not regulate all the products or services we advise upon.