Retirement Planning & Pensions

Retirement planning and pensions are relevant to everyone, regardless of age, gender, health and employment status. The fundamental concern is to ensure that our clients are ultimately able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle in retirement.

We are able to advise on the implementation and continuing suitability of a wide range of different retirement planning vehicles.

Pre-retirement planning generally involves the adequate funding of a pension plan or portfolio of different plans and other investment vehicles. Prior to actual retirement there is also a need to manage and monitor those assets earmarked to eventually provide you with pension benefits with a view to ensuring their ongoing suitability. In funding for eventual retirement our overall aim is to provide you with flexibility, peace of mind and control so as to allow for a planned retirement strategy which you are comfortable with.

Retirement planning vehicles can play a pivotal role in ensuring that your assets are arranged in a tax advantaged manner and we will ensure that such planning is acceptable in the eyes of HM Revenue & Customs. Pensions can, under current legislation, be used to assist in the management of income tax, corporation tax and inheritance tax liabilities. For this reason retirement planning is often closely integrated with our wealth management and tax planning services.

We are able to call upon our considerable resources, expertise, experience and professional connections to provide specialist advice in light of the various investment opportunities now available to pension monies under modern-day legislation. This can include providing a bespoke investment portfolio, underpinning your pension, via the appointment of your own discretionary fund manager. We are able to advise on the area of commercial property purchase via your pension fund.

We are able to provide comprehensive advice at the crucial stage of your lifetime when you reach your selected retirement age. Specifically this is in regard to the many options now available when electing to actually receive retirement benefits from your pension funds. Such advice can include a tailored analysis of the concepts of annuity purchase, pension commencement lump sum entitlement, deferral of retirement and also strategies facilitating “drawdown” of pension funds where suitable.

Health Warnings:

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- Tax legislation and HM Revenue & Customs’ practice is always subject to change and review.
- Past investment performance is not an indication of future performance.
- The value of an investment can go up as well as down over time as can the income derived from it.
- The effects of inflation over time can reduce the real value of an investment.

- The Financial Conduct Authority may not regulate all the products or services we advise upon.